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R$232.84 R$465.68
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  • Origem: CN(Origem)
  • tamanho da embalagem: 43x11x10cm (16.9x4.3x3.9 polegadas)
  • Super Durável E Estável: fornecer capacidade de carga de até 70 libras (32 kg)
  • Número Do Modelo: Naturehike Tabela De Campismo
  • Desdobrar Tamanho: 59x40x39cm (23.2x15.7x15.4 polegadas)
  • Acampamento Tabela De Cores: preto
  • Material Do Quadro: alta resistência em liga de alumínio
  • Tampo De Mesa Em Tecido: Nylon
  • Nome Da Marca: Naturehike
  • Uso Geral: Mesa Camping Dobrável
  • Peso Líquido: cerca de 650 g (1.43 Kg)
  • Mesa de Camping com capacidade de Armazenamento: Leve, Dobrável Pesca Tabela

A beautiful table for a hike, all as stated. Very small, knee-high. It's going to be elementary without instructions. All snaps with fingers without effort. Even a girl with a manicure. He never camping, driving him in the car is pointless, for this, there are more comfortable large tables with adjustable legs (here-no). This one is for melting in a backpack, so as not to eat from the ground. Maximum for 2 people, 3 sets of dishes on it will no longer fit. Deposited under the weight (legs разъезжаютя a little). Strongly load it, for example, 5 liters of hot cane it I would not risk. In the assembled form in the case slightly longer than a two-liter bottle of cola
Qwerty 87
I really liked the table, it was made qualitatively, the design is quite good, it's going quickly and compactly. I did not experience difficulties with a stretch table top, but for a girl it will probably be heavy. The cover is also good. The only thing I would do is a little more, or for example one under 0,5 second under 0,75 wine. Took under the kit with a chair, separately. I'm happy with the purchase, I have to experience it in my hikes.
The parcel came quickly. it proved itself excellent. Used on two seats for 5 people in the form of an auxiliary table. Fishing now.
Jonathan 080
fast delivery, great item

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